Versus, a track like an urban room in Nantes

by Web Staff

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Place Grasin, one of the main squares in Nantes, hosts the new installation by the architectural studio Titan

A unique gesture which reinterprets the eighteenth-century forms of urban space and describes a new and unexpected space. While maintaining a strong dialogue with the context, the installation is characterised like a new object within the square that draws space for sports and leisure.
A white concrete surface measuring 38m in diameter and contains a large skating rink in the city center, open to enthusiasts and visitors and usable at different times of the day.


A deep edge marks the limit of the track, but at the same time becomes a large bench both to observe the sporting events in the inner part of the installation and to enjoy the city from the outer part: a unique gesture that combines the two worlds of sport, and leisure. The main structure that supports the circular element is made of prefabricated concrete, while the plate of white concrete is cast on site.

The project underlines a new idea of public space where architecture can describe and tell new forms of urbanity with just a few elements. Thanks to its physical and material characteristics, the new square is ready to host various events and activities, a space that changes but always remains the same, like a welcoming and inclusive urban room

Credits Photo:

Julien Lanoo


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