“Types of Spaces” in Logroño

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

A group of architects, PALMA (architecture studio located in Mexico City and Sayulita) together with Eduardo Mediero, the architect who founded the HANGHAR studio, created the temporary installation “Types of Spaces” for Concéntrico – Logroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival. A sequence of open-air rooms fills the passage of the old La Rioja factory, a narrow and elongated urban corridor that has the old red brick chimney as a background.

The rooms of 3.6×3.6 meters follow each other defining a sequence of urban “types of spaces” characterized by a strong condition of domesticity that reinterprets the sense of a public passage distinct from the other spaces of the city.

The choice of the material, 30×30 cm perforated thermo-clay bricks, emphasizes the relationship with the place and underlines the tectonic character of the construction.
The result is an installation capable of enhancing the atmosphere of the narrow street of Logroño, a warm and intimate space in relation to the industrial character of the factory.
The flooring, made of recycled brick chips, is placed in continuity with the walls of the rooms and invites the visitor to cross them slowly, a break from the chaos of the city.

Photo credits:

  • luis díaz díaz
  • https://concentrico.es/en/types-of-spaces/




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