The Triennale di Milano inaugurates the first retrospective on Pietro Lingeri!

by Web Staff

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On 7 October the exhibition “Pietro Lingeri. Abstraction and Construction” curated by Gabriele Neri opened at the Triennale

The first important retrospective on the Como architect Pietro Lingeri (1894-1968), the exhibition explores one of the leading architects of the early 20th century in Italy, an important exponent of rationalism, through two levels of interpretation.

On the one hand, the exhibition of sketches, drawings, models, photographs and plans allows us to interpret the architectural work, the compositional and constructive research, in its specific historical context, without failing to highlight all the collaborations with the great personalities of the architectural and artistic scene of those years: from Terragni to Cattaneo, from Bottoni to Radice.
On the other hand, the exhibition shows a number of contemporary interpretations of Lingeri’s work: from the photographs made specifically for the exhibition by Filippo Romano and Mattia Balsamini, to the works of the artist Lisa Borgiani, and the interpretations of some of the leading figures on the contemporary scene (including David Chipperfield Architects, Herzog & de Meuron and Onsitestudio).

The materials from the Pietro Lingeri Archive are partly unpublished and the exhibition design is by Onsitestudio, developed as part of a project to digitalise and enhance the materials in the Pietro Lingeri Archive.

The event is part of the Milan institution’s larger project to retrace the history of Italian architecture in the second half of the 20th century through retrospectives on the great masters – Sottsass, Bellini, Borsani, Castiglioni, De Carlo, Mari and Magistretti being the first protagonists.





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