The Timeless Beacon Pavilion

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

In Taiping Xu, Guangdong province of China, MAD architects design “Timeless Beacon”, an installation that transforms one of the largest abandoned buildings in the town into a new performative urban element.

Built towards the end of the Ming dynasty and active until the 1980s, the market brought together fishermen, citizens and entrepreneurs. The process of urbanization and economic transformation led to the gradual abandonment of the building until its complete decommissioning.

With the desire to hold together the value of the past and the potential of the present, the project reinterprets the building as a new landmark, an urban device that connects local fragmented dwellings and natural elements.

Completely wrapped in a reflective material, the former marketplace reflects a timeless dimension to the surrounding context. A glowing lantern rises from the roof, surrounded by colorful fabrics that create a large urban tent, a true beacon of the village.
The installation will be open to visitors until the summer of 2024.

Photo credits

1_ TIAN Fangfang
2_ TIAN Fangfang
3_ Kai Zhang
4_ TIAN Fangfang
5_ Junliang Li




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