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TEd’A arquitectes, Can Guillem i na Cati

In the Can Guillem i na Cati, TEd’A arquitectes it’s implementing the research of living centered on the relationship between open and closed spaces made to manifest in a constant dialogue between the more intimate and introverted environments of the house and the more relational and social ones of the courtyard.

A simple house that is based on ancient concepts: an enfilade where each room is also a structural framework that enhances the typological and constructive characteristics of the island of Mallorca where the project has been underway since 2011.

Each room is defined by four load-bearing walls made of vibro-pressed concrete blocks, an inexpensive and easy-to-find material. The size of each room is calibrated to the size of the brick that defines rhythm and regularity of construction.

The beams, left exposed, design the floors of the interior spaces. The constructive rigor and consistency of the materials also draw the exterior facades, on a podium that defines the basement – relating to the street – is arranged the exposed brick facade rhythmically by a sequence of casts and openings. A house with an archaic feeling that combines a modern domesticity in strong relation to the spirit of the place and the most intimate sense of living.



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