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Tashkent Modernism: What Future for this Heritage?

The exhibition Tashkent Modernism. Index has just been inaugurated in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This exhibition, originally hosted at the Triennale Milano last April, showcases the incredible heritage of Soviet Modernism in the Uzbek capital through the valuable lens of photographer Armin Linke.

At the opening of the exhibition, the important conference Where in the World is Tashkent (October 18 and 19, 2023) – with a valuable lecture by Rem Koolhaas – rised a crucial question for the international scientific community and the local community: What is the future of this significant heritage?

The exhibition and conference present the initial results of the significant project Tashkent Modernism XX/XXI promoted by the Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation and coordinated by Studio Grace. The diverse research team includes architects, historians of art and architecture, urban planners, sociologists, and experts in preservation, including the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano, Boris Chukhovich, and Laboratorio Permanente.

The Tashkent Modernism. Index exhibition, enriched with valuable archival documents compared to the Italian edition, shows the architecture of the Asian capital rebuilt after the disastrous 1966 earthquake, through Linke’s photographs. These photographs explore the architectural masterpieces, highlighting the material and formal aspects of a previously untold chapter in the history of architecture.


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