“Siete Vidas”, some ways of living between the street and the room

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In the historic Horta district of Barcelona, Anne and Eugeni Bach have designed “Siete Vidas”, a new urban addition housing three small apartments and synthesising the typical architectural conditions of the city in a contemporary form. The regular rhythm of the openings, in continuity with the block, takes up the local character and emphasizes the relationship between the street and the patio at the back

Windows, balconies, blinds, baseboards and railings give measure to the façade and highlight the nature of the new urban graft. These components, strictly yellow in colour, reinterpret the typical architectural features of the area. The colour of the elements and the compact stucco of the block define with simplicity the urban character of the architectural project. This aspect is also explicit in the internal distribution: the most private living spaces are located in the first three levels of the building, while the last one comprises a shared terrace which with a single opening faces the public sphere of the street.

The name of the project, “Siete Vidas”, is closely related to its use of space: the 40 sqm apartments are developed around a central core that houses the stairs, services and kitchen, thus defining two larger spaces in relation to the street on the one side and the patio on the other. The clarity of the planimetric scheme offers the possibility of adapting the space to different forms of living: from the traditional apartment, with the sleeping area towards the patio and the living room towards the street, up to more open forms of shared living. Combining the different solutions, it is possible to obtain precisely seven forms of living from the house.

The new urban graft synthesizes the main themes of local living, telling, with few but effective actions, the story of a dwelling in continual relation with the public life of the street and the private life of the room.

Photo credits:

Eugeni Bach
Bach Arquitectes


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