New public spaces for Olot

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

Jaume Bach, Anna Bach, Eugeni Bach, Xevi Bayona and Alba Colomer propose a new urban regeneration project for the city of Olot in the province of Girona: Miquel Blay Avenue (El Firal) and Bisbe Guillament Avenue (El Firalet) will become the new social and urban centre of the city.

These two axes contain some of the most important public and representative buildings of the municipality, such as the Town Hall, the Teatro Principal, Casa Sola-Morales and Casa Gaietà Vila.

The two streets have always been a meeting place for the community and are still the site of the main public activities of urban life, from the market to local celebrations.

The improvised and heterogeneous interventions that have taken place over the last few decades have led to a state of disorder. This has drastically reduced the functionality and use of the urban space. The new design project redefines the meaning of public space.

From a place of movement, it becomes a place of being and sharing. “El Firal” and “El Firalet” will be transformed into two new public spaces for the community, where the choice of materials, street furniture, lighting system and vegetation define flexible spaces that can be easily adapted to different uses and activities.

Height differences and interstitial spaces are resolved by overlapping levels that describe a new public topography. Openness and integration are the principles underlying the construction of a new, collective and inclusive public space.

Photo credits:

Adrià Goula, Eugeni Bach




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