LESS the latest work by Pezo von Ellrichshausen is a multitude!

by Web Staff

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LESS the latest work by Pezo von Ellrichshausen is a multitude: Less of an architecture, less of an infrastructure but more of an art installation.

Chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen thus conceives the work for Dairy Road in Canberra, Australia, a place with an industrial past and an unwritten future.

With LESS, the authors (Mauricio Pezo & Sofia von Ellrichshausen, with the collaboration of Fabian Puller, Olga Herrenbrücks, Amelie Bès) invite locals to occupy spaces, bring places to life, interact with the landscape, and create collectivity.

A design of severe rigor, perfect geometric proportions, and classical references: 36 reinforced concrete pillars define the hypostyle and uncovered square space, cut by a raised podium. An intermediate space between earth and sky, tending to offer locals a new perspective of imagination, sharing and appropriation of place.

Joining the podium to the ground is a long circular ramp, a path of transit and observation from which to pay attention to the elements of the changing landscape, signs of social transformation of the community and the territory. To emphasize this point, the authors designed LESS in relation to the surrounding arboreal landscape: about six thousand different tree species alternating six different seasonal cycles of flowering, underscoring the eternal in-divenire that strongly characterizes the contemporary condition.




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