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Laboratory of the future, the super-awaited Architecture Biennale 2023!

If “change” is the key word chosen by curator Lesley Lokko to describe the new research directions needed to respond to the contemporary condition, we can say that the exhibition reflects and mirrors this principle starting with the new configuration in terms of structure and organization.

The themes of decolonisation and decarbonisation at the heart of the debate conducted through a specific focus on the African diaspora have been entrusted, in the articulation of the various pavilions, to young and small emerging realities, whose work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and by being small: 50% of the participants are firms of less than 5 people, and the average age is 43.

Practitioner is the term used by the curator to define the chosen figure: more than an architect, or an urban planner, designer, landscape architect, engineer.

The exhibition will be open from 20 May until 26 November.



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