Herzog & de Meuron’s new SIP Main Campus

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

Herzog & de Meuron completed the SIP Main Campus in the municipality of Allschwil in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland.

The new centre is an integral part of the BaseLink area, where the Technology and Life Sciences Cluster, new sports facilities and recreational areas make the residential quarter a hub of activity. It houses start-ups, biotechnology and healthcare companies, as well as other activities that support the public and private life of employees, such as a primary school.

The volume is set within a rectangular block and is characterised by a central courtyard, the core of the whole building. The proportions of the open space and the significant presence of vegetation make the courtyard a new public and intersectional space for all users.

Trees, high vegetation and creeper plants, together with the architecture, create a good microclimate and shade the central area, making it possible to accommodate different uses while providing points of reference for visitors.

Inside the courtyard, four generous spiral staircases at the corners provide access to the building and connect to the balconies, designed as areas of interaction and communication.

The building is based on a structural idea of strong impact and flexibility, while minimising internal partitions. The façade is defined by a grid like structure of insitu concrete, forming “structural rings” that reduce the size and number of structural elements within the building, thus offering users maximum adaptability.

Photos © Julien Lanoo




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