Goodbye Dalisi, gentle master!

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

Riccardo Dalisi, a multifaceted and ingenious master whose curiosity and sensitivity led him from a small town in southern Italy to exhibit in some of the most prestigious museums in the world, leaves us at the age of 90

Professor of architectural design at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples, co-founder of the well-known Global Tools counter-school of architecture and design with – among others – Mendini, Sottsass and Branzi, it was, however, a Golden Compass award won in 1981 that made him internationally famous, with the beautiful design of a Neapolitan coffee maker for Alessi. A project that had engaged him for years in the search for synergies with local workers and in particular with the craftsmen of Rua Catalana.

He went on to win a second one, in 2014, for his social commitment. Dalisi has made cooperation and participation a stylistic feature of his design work, whether it be architecture, design or urban planning.

Since the 1970s, driven by a vocation for relationships, his design practice has involved external actors: children, migrants, the elderly. his architecture of animation weaves a factual relationship with the context, which he first experimented in Rione Traiano and then continued to experiment in all the places of marginalisation, Scampia, Sanità, Ponticelli.
He died in Naples on 9 April, almost ninety-one years old, leaving us one of the richest pages of contemporary architecture.




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