El Garage, a contemporary house

by Web Staff

Compasses Magazine

The crisis of the Covid 19 pandemic has brought to the surface the problem of housing, a theme that has been emerging for several years in the culture of the contemporary city

In the city of Madrid, housing prices have risen dramatically due to both the real estate bubble, then from speculation and the increase in tourism, preventing the younger generations from having the right to a home adequate for contemporary needs.

Nomos Architects, winners of the 2021 AR House awards, propose a rethinking of home space using an old garage transformed into a new living space. This need prompted a deeper reflection on the sense and meaning of the word living influenced by the physical conditions of the space. The use of the rooms on the ground floor, the large windows open directly on the street front, the large size of the rooms have determined a strong approach to the forms of sociability of the neighbourhood and above all consider again the space of the house in strong continuity with that of the street.

El Garage synthesizes a new idea of home, explicit both in the distribution of the plan and in the choice of materials. «Based on an aggregation of rooms of similar proportions, where function does not dictate the design, this house is an experiment – explains Ophélie Herranz – playing with the possibilities of what a contemporary home could be».

Photo credits: Luis Asín


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