Educan, an eco-system building

by Web Staff

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Educan is a school for dogs, humans and other living species, located a few kilometers west of Madrid.

In a rural area strongly transformed in recent years by new urbanizations and forms of intensive cultivation, the building designed by Eeestudio and Lys Villalba proposes a new living environment that balances ecological processes and combines together different species in a cohesive way with the landscape and the environment.

The project adapts to the possible forms of animal transformation: the large rooms are transformed into large spaces where dogs face agility tests and other canine sports; birds and birds of prey make nests on the facades, bats and insects inhabit the large sign at the entrance, all together defining a new form of self-regulated eco-system.

The materials and construction techniques are varied and specific to each environment, concrete floors and synthetic materials suitable for the pads and joints of canine paws whilst the walls are made by recycling old containers. The average height of the view drops to only half a meter. Interior openings are raised by more than a meter above ground level to avoid distractions from dogs; window shutters shade the south façade, leaving enough room for the dogs to go outside, where rainwater from the roof is collected in large troughs for dogs and birds.

Educan is an experiment that demonstrates how architecture can accommodate different species together and define places that can trigger ameliorative processes for new life forms.

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José Hevia


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