Amorepacific Headquarter: A City-sized Building. Project of the Year at the 2021 CIBSE Building Performance Awards

by Editorial Staff

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2017 saw the new Headquarters of Amorepacific, one of Korea's leading beauty companies

The project by David Chipperfield is located in the center of Seoul, near the public Yongsan Park and the business district included in a larger and more articulated urban transformation process.

The building with a clear urban setting defines a compact volume with the ground floor open and in direct relation to the space of the city. The central void space is connected to the large urban loggias that host generous open spaces built as real “hanging gardens”. These large openings relate to the city and the landscape and host collective spaces for the users. The brise-soleil system of the facades lends a homogeneous but also light and ethereal texture and, above all, it ensures an excellent environmental performance by reducing the heat load.

The building is not only a contemporary working space but also a building for the city and the community. In fact, in addition to offices, the new Amorepacific Headquarter also accommodates public services: a museum, an auditorium, a library, restaurants and childcare facilities.

In February 2021, the new Amorepacific Headquarter was awarded Commercial/Industrial Project of the Year at the 2021 CIBSE Building Performance Awards. It recognizes the substantial parameters of a contemporary building: low energy consumption, sustainability in design decision from macro to micro scale, and control of custom luminaires. Actions able to define adequate working spaces and low energy consumption.

The Amorepacific Headquarter is therefore a project that holds together the most advanced systems of engineering and technological design with the definition of spaces for people in relation to the city and the landscape, so as to ensure adequate conditions of comfort and high quality of living.

Foto credits: NOSHE Photography


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