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A New Life for Saint-François Convent

In the core of the Alta Rocca – Corsica’s spectacular mountains – stands the 15th-century convent of Saint-François, first a defensive place then transformed into a space dedicated to prayer and meditation, where spirituality blends with the beauty of the natural landscape.

The long abandonment of the area allowed the vegetation to penetrate among the remains of the old factories, shaping new scenery that conditioned the perception and consistency of the site. French architect Amelia Tavella intervenes in this fragile and symbolic context by getting in touch with nature and the ancient building. The aim of the project was to restore the building and imagine new uses related to sociality and culture with exhibition rooms, a media library and spaces dedicated to children.

To preserve the ruins and to intervene in the most dilapidated parts were the main design actions. A new copper volume integrates and completes the ruined building and becomes the sign that underlines the ability of a project to establish new relationships between Ancient and New, recognizing the value of the Past but also the need for the Present, capable of giving new life to this place.

As Amelia Tavella explains «It is an interweaving of an older time into a new time that does not destroy, but connects, attacks and grasps two unknown and not foreign parts, one of which becomes an extension of the other in a kind of transfiguration».



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