A house to inhabit the landscape

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Casa Azul is one of the latest projects by the Portuguese studio Bak Gordon Arquitectos (BGA), founded in 2002 by Ricardo Bak Gordon

Through the years and through various projects, BGA has always devoted special care and attention to different places and contexts by searching for appropriate forms and materials, and above all with precise and specific responses.
This practice, put into practice through intensive drawing and combined with academic research and teaching, has been recognized nationally and internationally through exhibitions, publications and awards.

Casa Azul represents a further piece of this research that well synthesises the suggestive landscape of the Alentejano coast, the materiality of the place and the uniqueness of its spaces.

The house develops from a water tank, from which emerges a wall that marks the point of contact and transition between the landscape and the house. The wall bends according to the orography of the place and describes the main space of the house, hosting the main domestic activities. This longitudinal space ends with two rooms with higher ceilings that mark out two threshold spaces in direct relation with the exterior.
The small central patio is the heart of the house that delimits the public space from the private one with a carefully arranged sequence of walls.

The house is entirely covered with lime mortar and insulated from the outside with cork.
The colors of the coating, the texture of the walls, the definition of interior and exterior rooms, the relationship with nature and geography of the place clearly express the research carried out by BGA and renewed in each project.

Photo credits:

Francisco Nogueira


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