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A Cielo Aperto in una stanza: Public art comes into the house!

Now in its 15th edition, A Cielo Aperto, the public art project curated by Bianco-Valente and Pasquale Campanella and started in 2008, enacts a polyphony of encounters aimed at triggering new dialogues in Latronico, Lucania.

From 15th to 31st July, the new workshop A Cielo Aperto in una Stanza (Open Sky in a Room) will take place, through which six artists – Veronica Bisesti, Nicola Guastamacchia, Francesca Marconi, Patrizio Raso, Apo Yaghmourian, Elena Zottola – will activate new participatory practices with the local community, investigating an unexplored aspect of the local context: the stories and biographies of the inhabitants.

The project, which over the years has involved artists from all over the world to work on the natural environment and the old part of the town, intervening in the urban space with a shared and participatory vision, has woven, through the works returned over the years, a strong trace on the palimpsest that today poses new questions implying a new directionality of gaze. “A return to the community and the person above all to understand its identity and cultural development as a set of co-evolving elements formed over time in the close relationship between human settlement and place”.
On 18th of August there will be an opening and a meeting with the artists.



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