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Machine, artificial intelligence and human creativity

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The issue 42 of Compasses magazine deals with the theme of artificial intelligence applied to architecture and tries to answer an important question: what spaces remain for human invention in architecture?


call for project

Is architecture entirely entrusted to machines today?

Over the past fifty years, architecture and design tools radically transformed with mutual influence, opening up scenarios that, in the past years, would have been difficult to imagine. The resulting debate is extremely lively, involving many scientific fields: from ethics to information technology, from sociology to historiography. The role of computers in architecture tried to answer the following question: «Has the computer changed architecture, and if so, how»? 

The issue 42 of Compasses aims at answering these questions not only by addressing the conceptual matters, but also by highlighting the design outcomes and realizations that are more or less directly influenced by these new processes.

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call for project


The deadline for submitting an article proposal (title, abstract – max 1500 characters– and a significant image) is set for the 15th September. Full paper will be requested by September 30. The articles will, as always, be divided between in-depth methodological/historical [essays] and focus on individual projects and contemporary works. In order to guarantee the quality and the quarterly periodicity of each release, it will be essential to respect the updated editorial rules, which will be sent to you to accept the proposal within the deadline.


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