Tonelli design flies to the United Arab Emirates

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Vu mirror enhances the project “AMZAN” by Nakkash Design Studio

Amzan is an independent bookstore and coffeeshop, located in the center of Sharjah, one of the seen Arab Emirates.
Originally an Arabian word, the literal translation of “Amzan” to English is “Nimobostratus”. The word derives from the Latin “nimbus” meaning “rain” and “stratus” meaning “to spread out”. The concept plays with the analogy between the nourishing power of rainwater and the spreading of knowledge though books. Just as rainwater can cultivate a forest, so too can a bookstore spread knowledge to the community, allowing the flourishing of culture and literacy.

With this bookstore Nakkash Design Studio aims to supply a multifunctional space, translating the concept in a more subtle manifestation of rain with light-coloured and reflecting materials, carefully selected. Cement tiles with geometric pattern and light-coloured wood alleviate the space and contribute to create a peaceful atmosphere.

The project achieves its completeness and harmony using as background for the reception area the modular wall mirror VU, designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Tonelli design, made of extra clear glass strips of different thicknesses, combined and glued together on a mirror back panel.

“This is a mirror, but not in the traditional sense, as its reflective surface is relegated under a layer of glass, which transcends its original function. This feature is imagination at its best, what you get is a surface that captures the single image and reflects its thousand sides whilst magnifying and enhancing the room, mimicking the effect of rain droplets”
, explained Omar Nakkash, founder of the Design Studio.

A mirror that accommodates very well the exigencies of this environment and also manages to enhance the original project conferring the room force and character, originality and also a certain magical aura.

Milan, January 2020

Project: Amzan Bookstore

Designer: Nakkash Design Studio

Product: VU mirror by Tonelli design

Year of realization: 2020


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