The “Virtuous Circle” of Bencore Materials

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Reducing the environmental impact to a minimum and having control over the entire life cycle of materials have now become almost imperative for Bencore, a brand that has always been very keen on about circular economy and sustainability.

For this reason, Bencore approach increasingly represents a clear path towards sustainability to create innovative ideas suitable for all those design professionals who want to use in their projects materials with an authentically ‘green’ soul.

The main sustainable materials both produced and distributed by Bencore are:

Bencore Wasbottle
From the project developed by Bencore with Autogrill, the first operator in the world in catering services for travelers, comes a material protagonist of the current idea of circular economy: Wasbottle in fact is obtained from recycled and recyclable plastic flakes in PETG and HDPE and is, for this, totally sustainable. Wasbottle comes in 4 main variants (Paint, Sky, One-Off Magma, One-Off Peach) and is widely used in the production of furniture components such as tables, shelves, tops, separation elements and opaque coatings.

Bencore Ecoben Wave Green Cast
This material produced by Bencore consists of a core of recycled cardboard and 100% recycled and recyclable skins in green cast acrylic. The panel is suitable to be worked in different ways including inclined cuts for the realization of corner joints between the panels, special and curved cuts and shiny, satin, colored or transparent edges.

Bencore Lightben
Ultra-light and iconic composite material by Bencore, it is produced by coupling a core consisting of cylinders in transparent Polycarbonate with external skins in Polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic with various finishes and multiple colors. The Lightben product family has obtained LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) – which study the potential environmental impacts throughout the life of the product – and EPD declarations (Environmental Product Declaration) to fully legitimize its degree of sustainability.

Alusion by Cymat Technologies Ltd
Alusion is a stabilized aluminum foam obtained by injecting air into heated aluminum. Produced in continuous sheets or even special formats, it is 100% recyclable. It is a versatile material that allows exponentially unlimited architectural and design applications. In addition to its unique appearance, similar in appearance to a visually striking metal sponge, it also has sound-absorbing properties that make it ideal for applications that require sound control. Bencore is Alusion’s exclusive distributor for Europe.

Kaynemaile’s architectural mesh is a patented, world- leading innovation which is extremely robust and scratch resistant yet super lightweight. Kaynemaile’s inception was on the film set of The Lord of The Rings trilogy where Kayne Horsham, founder of the Brand, worked as an artistic director for the Creatures, Armour and Weapons department. The Kaynemaile mesh consists of a single chain polymer, a material that can be effectively cleaned to its original state – using the same process that was used to produce it originally – while the mesh can be recycled and reused. Bencore is exclusive Kaynemaile’s distributor for Italy.

Smile Plastics
Smile Plastics is one of the UK’s leading material design firms. The mission of the company is to challenge and reinterpret the common prejudices on waste materials and the system that produces them. Since 2014, the Brand has been manufacturing large-scale recycled and 100% recyclable decorative panels for retail, furniture and product design. The deep knowledge of the particular technologies related to these materials, has led Smile Plastics to become a hallmark for the production of sustainable, high-quality and aesthetically unique surfaces. Bencore is Smile Plastics’ exclusive distributor for Italy.

3Form Flek Pure
Flek Pure produced by the American brand 3form, is made with recycled material obtained from different sources, including remnants of the production process as the trimmings of the edges of the panels and other wastes. The variants not ‘pure’ of Flek are in any case recycled to 92%.
Bencore is exclusive distributor 3form for Europe.

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