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The Only ASTM Certified HSF System is Branded Cavatorta

Cavatorta HSF System was developed to meet the perimeter protection needs of all those critical infrastructures and vulnerable areas, such as: ports, airports, railways, military force bases, border states, power or nuclear power plants, photovoltaic parks, telecommunication areas, factories, chemical and industrial plants, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc.

Thanks to extreme narrow mesh size (12.7×76.2 mm), the system is classified as anti-cut and anti-climb over. Cavatorta’s exclusive Galvatec coating process, gives the panels an excellent quality corrosion protection, ensuring a long lasting life over the time.

Posts (profile 80x60x2.5 mm) and all other structural elements of the HSF system, have been specifically designed to allow multiple installation possibilities: versions to be concrete embedded or with base plate to be fixed with dowels, for plinths installation, curbs and concrete walls either new or on existing constructions. For special applications, “fixing-saddle” or “L” brackets are designed, to respond to any customer’ structural needs.

A fixing plate with stainless steel bolts and nuts, has been thought to fix the panel to the post, giving the best strength to the entire system. In order to increase the fence anti-climb safety level, Cavatorta suggests to apply on top of the posts, different types of top extension arms, that allow to apply and install barbed wire, razor wire or a further extension of security panels.


ASTM F2781-15 certification is required by international contractors, especially in ARAB COUNTRIES, where the concept of safety is extremely important.

This standard is specifically required for all those HIGH SECURITY fencing projects, mainly for the following sectors: military and defense, industrial, oil & gas, energy, telecommunication, transport and sensitive targets.

The FORCED ENTRY TEST has been carried out by an International certified institute, ISTITUTO GIORDANO, that thanks to its highly specialized technicians, is able to perform and certify any international required standard.

The HSF system’ strength has been tested using specific tools, necessary to detect the resistance characteristics of the product during an intrusion attempt.


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