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On the occasion of Marmo+mac 2023 Franchi Umberto Marmi presents ‘From nature to the Metaverse’, a new project developed with MM Design. Design and innovative technologies work in synergy for an increasingly current and refined perception of marble.

The project will be presented at the Marmomac 2023 days (26th to 29th September) at the ‘Material Match Up’ event, curated by ADI, and located in The Plus Theatre – HALL 10.

On the occasion of the Veronese fair, a new project whose protagonists are Calacatta 900, Statuario, Grigio Collemandina and Bardiglio marbles, all by Franchi Umberto Marmi, processed with various finishes: bush- hammered, opaque and polished, thanks to precise laser engraving proposed on an illustrative moodboard showing the treatments applied to surfaces.

The concept developed by MM Design for FUM was to propose a new aesthetic and decorative characteristic for marble through the principles of CMF design, CMF being the acronym for Colours, Materials, Finishes. A part of industrial design that works on the chromatic, tactile and decorative identity of materials, surfaces, objects and environments. From this area of planning approach FUM marble embarks on a journey in the interpretation of nature leading it to the Metaverse. The design, in combination with the most innovative technologies, leads to an improvement in the quality perceived by the surface of the marble and creates new and appealing trends in line with the latest interior design.

Whether it’s flowers, cells, skin or bone structure, there’s no difference: all these elements transition to abstraction and digital and in this transition from physical to virtual, marble finds infinite variations and facets.

The aesthetics of the Metaverse: biomorphic shapes and tactile surfaces

The mimetic and metaphorical circle between man and nature is expressed with new life through continuously evolving design that encapsulates the maximum naturalness of organic forms with the maximum artifice of technology.

Thus, the MM Design project for FUM unfolds and develops in various directions: on the one hand it transfers the multiple geometries and incredibly complex forms to be found in nature to the surface of marble, making it, if possible, even more appealing when it takes “life” and acquires “movement. ”On the other hand, it adorns marble surfaces with an entirely new charm when it proposes prints and engravings developed in relief designs. Absolute fluidity is found in passing from geometric patterns to organic forms, from the rawest textures to the more subtle and impalpable ones, from a knitting effect to a marble vein in relief that looks like skin.

Approaching “phygital” where technology is the bridge between the physical and virtual world, MM Design skilfully explores the boundaries and experiments, through FUM marble, the combination between a natural material with a long history and new metallic surfaces, ultra-reflective finishes, iridescent effects and dichroic colour gradients.

The refined “mirror-like” effect or the transparent metallic reflection applied to the surface of the marble, reveal and enhance its natural texture and attract the observer’s attention to astonishing chromas and reflections.

Project Design MM Design Material: Calacatta 900, Statuario, Grigio Collemandina and Bardiglio by Franchi Umberto Marmi
Finishes: bush-hammered, opaque, polished created with laser engraving
The moodboard, developed on a panel measuring 140 x 180 cm, collects examples of specific treatments on marble surfaces with a combination of advanced engraving techniques and those with thin metallic film deposition. From Nature to the Metaverse reveals the full aesthetic potential and application versatility of marble.

MM Design is a strategic and product design studio with branches in Milan, Bolzano and Sao Paulo Brazil: it boasts over thirty years of experience during which they have collaborated with the most successful brands in the various sectors and has won a number of prestigious international design awards

Franchi Umberto Marmi spa
Headquarters: Via Del Bravo 14/16, Carrara (MS) – Italy – @mail:




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