Tellux: colorful elegance for Morici furniture

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Reflecting the traditions and values of our brand, the Tellux collection is inspired by the beauty of the landscapes that make the Italian countryside and that of the Marche region in particular so unique

The collection conceptualises nature in an inspirational design, transforms scenery into graphic language, and turns variables into colour codes and three-dimensional patterns. A network of lines encloses inlays of different woods. Contrasting materials dialogue together: wood, fabric and metal form a product on the surface of which is impressed the metaphor of a natural yet human landscape. The language of design conveys the values of the region in which we live.

Man’s endeavour to reshape his surroundings and the complexity of this great task can only be seen by changing perspective and adopting an alternative, distant viewpoint.

The designer’s clear objective in imagining the new Tellux collection was to create a product capable of transmitting Morici’s strong artisan identity by exploring the multiple possibilities offered by complex and exclusive techniques.

The basic concept in this design is the juxtaposition of precious woods of different textures and colours within a framework of lines to create constantly varying inlays.

The technique of inlaying is beautified by a complex geometrical design that flows uninterruptedly over the surfaces and adds character to all sides of the product. Artisan production methods merge with meticulously designed elements to generate three dimensional effects.

The special “Metal Land” finish, with its variable texture, corrosion and shading, provides the distinctive and innovative element that unifies the collection’s expressive language. This brand new finish conveys a sensation of “bare earth” enriched by metallic reflections, and provides a coordinating element for the entire collection, along with the subtle, gold-finished, geometric lines surrounding precious woods like radica, ebony, rosewood, ash and bolivar.

The Tellux collection is developed in different color combinations: Vulcano, in shades of brown and black; Mediterranean with shades of blue and green. The collection offers luxury boxes and accessories, such as the sophisticated lamps with an empty pocket base, entirely made in Italy.

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