‘Skin’: the Linea Light Group novelty inspired by nature

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Among the products presented by the Linea Light Group brand at the 2022 edition of Light+Building in Frankfurt, ‘Skin’, designed by Lichtkompetenz, stands out: a honeycomb solution capable of uniting different elements in itself and of being at the same time flexible, original and high-performance.

Skin is an innovative, versatile and modular outdoor lighting fixture: its unusual, signature elongated hexagonal shape makes it easy to create continuous linear and curved lines, suitable for silhouetting and illuminating complex or irregular perimeters of contemporary architectures.
Skin is the ideal solution for the illumination of historic buildings, which are sometimes characterized by irregular perimeters and unexpected curves: by mimetically adapting to non-linear pillars and walls, Skin can be indeed configured in different solutions, thus fulfilling any project requirements.
One of the many benefits is the possibility of partially recessing and thus virtually concealing the light fixtures, a solution of absolute elegance and formal cleanliness, which makes the product almost invisible, leaving nothing but light to emerge.

Complete and heterogeneous, the Venetian company’s proposals are designed to make the work environment comfortable but also to emphasize works of art or exhibition contexts; Linea Light Group’s solutions are suitable for lighting large architectural, urban and industrial projects, thus satisfying every lighting requirement.

Skin, like the brand’s other products, aim to improve people’s well-being in every environment by offering maximum flexibility for ever smarter spaces!
Linea Light Group returns to Light+Building in grand style, with a whole host of new products in line with the theme of the trade fair and current market, i.e. cutting-edge expertise in LED technology and a well-established international product range, characterised by Made in Italy quality with a strong focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Linea Light Group

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31023 Castelminio di Resana TV (Italy)
T. +39 0423 7868
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