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A History:

For more than forty years, Santafiora has been extracting and processing natural stones from its proprietary quarries. Our stones are widely used in major construction projects including urban and building works, both in Italy and worldwide.

At Santafiora we offer a wide range of products including Santafiora, Lavagrigia and Lavarosa. These stones can be used in any kind of process or project such as construction, urban furnishing or artwork. The expertise we have developed over the years has enabled us to collaborate successfully with clients, architects and designers resulting in an impressive portfolio of works using our stones. Our stones are a guarantee of quality, with chromatic features that make unique all over the world.


The Company:

Santafiora is a leading company with 50 employees and 40 years of experience. It produces 30,000 sqm of material per month.

The Company is particularly renown for its work in the fields of: construction, urban furniture, and civic works of art.

Thanks to its expertise with stone products, Santafiora is able to advise customers from the point of order right through to the delivery of finished products. Furthermore, Santafiora Pietre collaborates with leading design firms and architectural practices all over the world.

We are committed to continued retraining, investment and growth, and use state-of-the-art technology in order to process our stones. This technology and expertise combined makes Santafiora one of the leaders in its field.


Stones and Territories:

The ancient Etrurian Tuscia area situated in what is now known as Lazio and Tuscan Maremma in northern Italy. This area has a landscape rich in stone which makes it geographically unique. Santafiora operates in the heart of this territory and so is directly connected to its history and the land. Its broad fields ensure a uniform quality of colour and physical features for all materials extracted. Our stones are proven over centuries, as they were historically used for major works such as the Roman theatre of Ferentum as well as in Viterbo in the renowned “City of Popes”.


Santafiora stone:

Santafiora is a stone made from classic sedimentary rock – also known as sandstone – which is steadily compacted by calcite and characterised by its varying colours ranging from sand to hazel. Santafiora stone is extracted in large blocks thus enabling them to be supplied in bigger slabs. The technical and mechanical features of our stones are guaranteed and they will not be affected by external environmental elements such as smog, frost, acid rain or salt. Santafiora’s products can therefore be used in any kind of climate.


Use and applications:

As a highly valuable material in furnishing, Santafiora is a warm-coloured stone which will provide any construction with an evocative and natural polychrome effect. Additional finishes such as polishing, flashing, sandblasting, and bushhammering are ale to provide further aesthetic effects making the stone a versatile product for many applications.

The anti-skid properties and its non susceptibility to frost (certified by major European laboratories) make this stone particularly suitable for squares, historical towns and facings of large areas of both continuous wall cladding and externally ventilated walls.

Santafiora guarantees resistance to anaesthetic dark oxidation (commonly caused by smog).

Since it is not susceptible to frost due to its strong tensile strength, Santafiora is particularly suitable for large externally insulated walls which are exposed to sea salt or placed within earthquake belts.


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