Safety is coloured by art with FireLook fire extinguishers

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Much more than a simple fire extinguisher: a true work of art to enhance your spaces, making them safer at the same time. A Frascarelli Group project that expresses the importance of paying special attention at 360 degrees to safety, even at home.

A fire-fighting device that becomes a design complement, unique in its kind thanks to the contribution of numerous artists and designers who, through their creativity, make it a work of art.

Fire Look represents an alternative that differs from all the current proposals on the market and it aims at promoting  awareness on home safety. This idea was born in response to the need of having a fire extinguisher that can be integrated with the furnishings, replacing the classic red extinguisher that tends to be hidden.

The choice of having a fire extinguisher at home is at the discretion of the individual, as there is no legal obligation to do so. However, in case of an emergency, having a fire extinguisher at hand can really make a difference and prevent irreversible damages.

Fire Look fire extinguishers combine fire safety with the fascination of art to give colour and uniqueness to your environments. Each product is made in Italy and can be customised in the colour of the tank and the applied graphics. All the artists who are part of this project have contributed in creating works of art that will make your home safer. A beautifully crafted fire extinguisher designed to emphasise the style of your interior with a touch of personality.

Fire Look di Frascarelli Group s.r.l.

Viale dell’Industria, 25
67039 – Sulmona (AQ)
T. 0864 251205






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