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by Editorial Staff

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Interior paintings are an indispensable attribute in design.

The author’s paintings, created by the hand of a talented artist, are a real work of art. They change the atmosphere of the house, make it cozy and fill it with special energy. Their versatility allows you to combine canvases with any style and finish from high-tech to art deco.

A prominent representative of contemporary art is the artist Lily Art, her colorful panels and paintings in the interior captivate and fascinate.

Volume and relief are created through a special technique of execution: a combination of paints, bas-relief, gold leaf, various decorative elements, metal, glaze, gilding, gems.

Thanks to the volume and harmony, the image comes to life and acquires the effect of reality. In the presence of additional lighting, the line of the picture changes, new shades and chiaroscuro appear, and the crystal scattering gives the picture an enchanting sophistication. The combination of various techniques gives the canvases extravagance and originality.

Having no analogues in the world, paintings in the mirror jewelry technique of Lily Art is a modern art expressed in a symbiosis of decorative techniques in a combination of complex materials.

Non-standard solutions and bold ideas require a special approach in the design.
The Lily Art collection of interior paintings with impeccable mastery of complex artistic techniques and excellent execution of every detail will perfectly complete and complement any interior.

Each panel is unique and combines the author’s idea, impeccable execution and depth of composition. Behind each work is a colossal work, a flow of creative energy and the author’s boundless imagination. Style and technique Lily Art is a new trend in contemporary art.

Paintings will be an ideal choice for those who seek to surround themselves with non-trivial beauty and uniqueness.




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