Nuzul Design Studio Named Winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Distinguished Villa Renovation Project

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Interior design requires in-depth industry knowledge and experience. But creating luxurious spaces is also impossible without the sophisticated vision, passion, and strong values that define the responsibility and quality of service of those who bring such projects to life.

Nuzul Design Studio’s portfolio is a striking and compelling demonstration that this company has all the characteristics needed to create exclusive projects in the construction and design industry in the highest degree.

The impressive Bu Quwah Villa project was executed to such a high standard that the expert committee at Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized it as this year’s winner in the category of Best Luxury Villa Renovation in Bahrain.

Nuzul Design Studio was founded in 2014 with a vision of developing interior design and architecture for high-end projects. Over the course of its activity, the Nuzul team has persistently developed its competencies and strengthened its status as a market leader, providing a wide range of professional services to sophisticated clients.

Projects in the Nuzul Design Studio portfolio are characterized by cultural diversity, in which traditions and innovations are intertwined, and authentic culture is skillfully combined with modern trends. Each interior design by Nuzul team embodies luxury in every detail. The company is extremely attentive to the wishes of its clients, getting to know their visions and expectations in detail. To achieve their goals, the specialists select the highest quality materials and apply international standards to ensure the reliability and durability of the designs.

The main activities of Nuzul Design Studio are interior design, and design and supply of luxury furniture, accessories, and materials. The synergy of these sectors made it possible to design the Bu Quwah Villa, which exemplifies functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

“On behalf of the entire Nuzul Design Studio team, I express my gratitude and appreciation for such an appreciation of our work. We are really proud of this project, and we are honored that it was the Bu Quwah renovation that won us the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” commented Khulood Kaladari.

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