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Morici was founded in 1979 in Recanati, birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, and cradle of the Marche craftsmanship

It is the land where we were born to inspire our idea of colorful and elegant harmony. Its gentle hills that slide down to the sea and the wise work of man who designs changing scenographies.
The centuries-old Italian tradition of woodworking is the experience that we have passionately handed down for over 40 years. The craftsmanship of the master craftsmen and the modern processing technologies are the essence that makes our products unique and valuable over time. This is a strategic mix between artisan knowledge and creative thinking.

The flexibility of the production phases and the great experience of our craftsmen allow us to customize each product according to the most particular needs.

The excellence of artisan know-how finds its maximum expression in luxury objects capable of enhancing the contexts in which you live.
The union between art cabinetmaker of the past with manufacturing processes creates a complete synthesis of design, craftsmanship and quality that is the result of careful research into innovative materials and production techniques.
The Venezia collection, in particular, enhances the taste of color combinations in a continuous dialogue with the elegance of the shapes.

Morici Collections:

Venezia: color combinations in a continuous dialogue with the elegance of the shapes.

Firenze: Boxes with multiple drawers to hold your precious items.

Roma: The exaltation of craftsmanship in woodworking. The themes of nature are evoked in our boxes.

Corporate name: Morici by Rikiedo srl

Address: Via Volponi 19, 62019 Recanati (MC) Italy

telephone: +39 366 7407242




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