Moonline. Beautiful during the day and fascinating at night. Always safe.

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Behind formal research lies the will to review the actual concept of “fencing”: no longer a mere element to separate the inside from the outside, MOONLINE creates uninterrupted spaces.

Architecture and design extend from the interior to the exterior transforming it into a minimalist “place of communication”; linear designs are dotted with luminous posts and LED technology is applied according to the latest car design trends.

The integrated and modular MOONLINE system is the maximum expression of the “made in Italy” label and the result of Cavatorta’s know how; MOONLINE is a new way of protecting your spaces: light outlines the contour becoming a safety element (it can be integrated with other systems thanks to the “active” posts).

A selection of shapes, colours and light intensities is available for a system in harmony with architectural structures and personal tastes.

MOONLINE comes in two lines that differ in visual impact:

The O TYPE line is based on the geometric shape of a circle.
The structure of the posts, the rounded corner panels and the patterns on the gate are inspired by the soft round shape of a circle. Ideal for those who like curved yet essential lines.
The exclusive differentiated mesh offers elegance, great reliability and resistance.

The Q TYPE, line is based on squared shapes which are reproduced in the posts, 90° corner panels and gate pattern. Dedicated to those who love strong and defined shapes.
The exclusive differentiated mesh of the Q TYPE line offers elegance, great reliability and resistance.

Designer: Max Croci / Valter Cugini per Ellittica Design – Parma, Italy

Trafileria e zincheria Cavatorta
via Repubblica, 58
43121 Parma – Italy
T. +39 (0)521 221411
F. +39 (0)521 221414




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