Mirror Collection by Bencore in the Suite “Una vita da (A)Mare” at the Demo Hotel

by Editorial Staff

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In Rimini, the beating heart of Romagna's nightlife, it's present the DEMO HOTEL, a unique accommodation facility that offers a memorable and inspiring experience starting from the 9 suites designed by 9 architecture studios

The suite “Una Vita da (A)mare” was designed by architect Alessia Galimberti and her studio: the space is large, functional, dominated by colors inspired by the sea and the beach, capable to evoke a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
The furnishings and accessories are also in accordance with this choice of natural colors, and many accessories are added using innovative and sustainable materials to underline how this space is not only trendy and modern, but also green.
Among these materials we also find some elements of the Mirror Collection which, applied to the walls as decorative and original mirror elements, give the whole environment a reflected light thanks to the typical aesthetics of Bencore’s Mirror, also creating a sign of unmistakable style and originality.

The mix created by Architect Galimberti between innovative materials, particular textures and original furnishing complements make this Suite a comfortable and pleasant space to live both for holiday but also for business trips and for anyone who loves style and comfort. So what are you waiting to book our Suite “Una Vita da (A)mare” at the Demo Hotel?

credits: photos Flavio Ricci

Contatti: Bencore® Srl

Office: Via Provinciale Nazzano, 20 – 54033 Carrara – ITALY
Production: Via S. Colombano, 9 – 54100 Massa – ITALY
Tel: +39 0585 830129




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