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Massimo Della Marta: the revolutionary Interior Designer

Massimo Della Marta is an Italian product designer and entrepreneur, visionary, engaging, multifaceted, with a great love for everything that, in harmony, generates beauty.

Interior designer and sommelier for passion, in 2004 he starts, on the outskirts of Turin, his entrepreneurial path at the forefront in the production of air-conditioned showcases for the Food & Wine sector, quickly establishing itself internationally for its patented technological innovations that represent real revolutions in the field of applied thermodynamics. A product initially conceived for the professional market, but over the years has transformed and declined into multiple creative identities to fully enter the home.

Della Marta is a multifaceted reality where the showcase goes beyond its simple function as an exhibition container to become an emotional object to live. His collections range smoothly from professional to residential. The Expo Professional line is the innovative series of air-conditioned showcases chosen by the greatest Sommeliers and Chefs for their restaurants and hotels around the world and represents the most revolutionary ever conceived in the seductive world of wine lovers.

Teca stands out – the elegant showcase that allows to differentiate temperatures within the same environment and to simultaneously store both white and red wines – and Quadro Vino – the first refrigerated painting ever made in the world.

The limited editions of Della Marta also wink at art – another great passion of the designer – such as the frame Devalle Love – of the MDM Design Collection dedicated to the world of collecting, of art and design – a tribute to the Master of Italian architecture Carlo Mollino.

Finally, the latest Limited Edition The Wine of the Champions, is a new emotional project dedicated to wine and football fans. Born from the encounter with another excellence of Made in Italy Fabio Cordella, founder of the team “The Wine of The Champions” and director of Cantine Fabio Cordella, the collection is handcrafted with quality materials and is signed by 20 great champions of football, including Ronaldinho, Wesley Sneijder, Màrcio Amoroso.


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