Martinelli TX1, like a radar looking at the sky

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Designed by Marco Ghilarducci, TX1 was conceived from the allure of the infinite dimension of space and its lack of barriers, generating a sense of boundless freedom

Looking at the lamp with the reflector facing upwards, slightly inclined, it is like imagining the connection and exchange of data between a radar and the incredibly shiny satellites surrounded by the universe hundreds of kilometers from Earth.

A cylinder and a disc: two forms so distinct and so distant, independent and yet connected by two thin arms. The result is both a light but lasting bond, suspended and rooted at the same time. The reflector, a convex disc of painted aluminium, almost seems to soar into the air, directing freely the light produced by the cylindrical base.

TX1 is a multi-purpose lamp, designed to diffuse indirect incident light on the reflector, which can be oriented 45° either way, so as to direct soft light in the desired direction.

Two versions are available. The TX1 in white with chrome elements is available either in LED light version with the power supply integrated in the body lamp or in the Tunable White LED light dimmable via Bluetooth device (smartphone or tablet) for Apple or Android App (free), or even in the RGB version, again with the Bluetooth interface. And the matt pearl grey colour with brass details, available in 2 sizes, with LED light source, electronic driver and switch on the alimentation cable.


Via Teresa Bandettini
55100 Lucca – Italy
Tel +39 0583 418315


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