Linea Light Group & Eleftheria Deko and associates for the Athens airpor

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Linea Light Group has taken part in the extraordinary façade lighting project that revolutionised the appearance of Athens International Airport, creating a dazzling rainbow of LEDs that will light up the skies over the Greek capital.

The lighting project was carried out by the Linea Light Group design team and Eleftheria Deko and associates, an award-winning Greek lighting design studio, and is an integral part of the redevelopment of the airport by Alexandros N. Tombazis and Associates and AVW Architecture.

The aim of the outdoor lighting project was to emphasise the main façade of the new building which is the most visible part for those arriving at the airport due to its position on the main roadways: the cornerstone was therefore primarily the front external façade of the new wing, visible as soon as you reach the airport, illuminated using the best solutions made available by Linea Light Group.

For this reason, the Italian company, based in Treviso, specifically redesigned a custom version of the Paseo linear profile (the modules of which are RGBW and managed individually by a DMC control unit): its extreme versatility has indeed made it possible to create an “extra-large” model, which can be recessed directly on the sunshades of the structure, to give life to evocative and spectacular effects.

Paseo Giga has therefore been designed by combining 253 modules, starting from the creation of an aluminium recessed casing to be installed inside the sunshades with the dual task of enclosing the electrical wiring while also allowing for it to be recessed. Made of polycarbonate and with an IP67 degree of protection to withstand atmospheric agents, the modules create a unique show by combining elegant white lines with coloured scenographies, featuring static or dynamic effects capable of fading, turning on and off.

Linea Light Group’s signature is also visible indoors, in the wing dedicated to low cost flights, where Rada downlights have been installed, which ensure the total absence of direct glare, guaranteeing smooth and consistent lighting.

Finally, the less visible sides of the building have been enhanced by using Archiline PRO profiles in the 4000K monochromatic version, managed with DALI protocol, alongside a custom version of Thin66: the linear profile, with diffused light emission, accentuates the details of the architectural features of the building, emphasising the façades very elegantly.

Linea Light S.r.l.

Operative HQ: Via Della Fornace, 59
31023 – Castelminio di Resana TV (Italy)

T: +39 0423 7868

IG @linealightgroup

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Credits Project: Alexandros N. Tombazis and Associates | AVW Architecture Facade
Lighting: Eleftheria Deko & Associates Architectural
Design: Katerina Pertselaki
Structural design: Alexandros Athanasiadis & Associates | Kyriaki Kalantzi
Photos: Gavriil Papadiotis
Products: Rada, Paseo “Giga” custom, Archiline Pro, Thin66 custom
Year: 2020


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