Lighting Experience: Well-Being in Light with Linea Light Group

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

The “illuminotecnico” programme created by Studio Nulty and endorsed by Dexter Moren Associates makes the new hotel “The Westin London City” a jewel of light, comfort and hospitality.

Further emphasizing the elegant atmosphere of the hotel is the precise lighting design realised by lighting design consultants Nulty in collaboration with Studio Moren, using various solutions from Linea Light Group.

The project was conceived to be perfectly in keeping with the general theme of the hotel: well-being. And so, to enhance The Heaven lobby at the entrance, and its paper sculpture placed in the centre, track lighting was set up on three sides, with Pound spotlights allowing light beams to be directed in an evocative play of light on the fourth wall, of a soft grey colour.

The overall effect is a feeling of calm and tranquillity that pervades the visitor on arrival. To complete the effect and emphasize the atmosphere of well-being are Vos downlights, available in different models and recessed into the ceiling.

For the lighting of the generously sized Westin Ballroom, used for events, lighting designers Nulty have opted for high performance lighting solutions. Creek 2.0 spotlights, which, thanks to a new fitting system, can satisfy any installation need, have been combined with the linear element Archicove, and the Ribbon LED strip.

For the Romeo & Juliet event space, on the other hand – which uses natural light coming from the windows – the lighting design uses Ink-System, for its great installation versatility, Ribbon LED strips in the suspended ceiling, and finally Vos downlights that guarantee punctual and even lighting.

The foyer of the Romeo & Juliet room, where in addition to the use of a Cell spot, available in different models, and guaranteeing total control of the light emitted, there is also a Ribbon LED strip and Ice-Cut rod offering a total diffusion effect, thanks to its extruded translucent polycarbonate body.

The Heavenly Spa by Westin enshrines atmospheres of well-being and relaxation, where Nulty has chosen both Rubber, which, thanks to its incredible flexibility, marks a revolutionary new concept of light, and the strip Ribbon, which easily adapts to any type of application, since it is able to be folded or cut without damaging the rest of the module.

Finally, in the WestinWORKOUT Fitness Studio, next to the Ribbon strips, the Rollip system has also been installed, available in numerous models, and capable of responding to any lighting need.

Linea Light Group

Operative HQ: Via Della Fornace 59
31023 Castelminio di Resana TV (Italy)
T. +39 0423 7868
IG: @linealightgroup
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Design: Dexter Moren Associates
Lighting Design: Nulty
Lighting Products: Pound, Vos, Archicove, Creek 2.0, Rubber, Ribbon, Ice-Cut, Cell, Ink Systems, Rollip
Photography: Matteo Barro
Year: 2020





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