HIM: Hand Immersion Module

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Conceived to inspire curiosity and to become a symbol for a new generation of objects, this column is designed to provide touch-free hand disinfection in private and high-traffic public settings

There is a greater demand for safety and sanitation, and for improved hygiene and cleanliness in the places, objects and people we relate to. But whenever new habits are forced on us, some people and companies are always prepared to abandon the old way of working and think outside the box. In this product, the designer has blended Morici’s decades-long experience of shaping wood with the most advanced technological know-how of Marche industry to create an all-Italian product.

HIM is intended for use in private and high-traffic settings as an elegant furnishing complement for positioning at the entrances to rooms or in areas of transit. It is designed to be equally effective from either side, whenever hands are placed into the opening through the otherwise continuous volume. This iconic column is designed to eliminate the need for contact with material while guaranteeing functionality and style. A special paint finish enhances the column’s shape and also creates an impermeable, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface. All the column needs to function correctly is for the tank to be refilled periodically with sanitising product and for the standard battery modules to be changed as needed.

HIM can be produced in different colours and wood essences and finished in gloss or matte. The column can also be customised to blend perfectly with the furnishings of modern and contemporary environments. This original, elegant and essentially designed product can be finished to the specifications of architects and interior designers to form an integral part of large and custom projects. To personalise the finish even further, corporate logos or trade marks can be applied to the surface by inlaying or painting.

The body of the product is made from MDF (medium density fibreboard). The veneered version is finished in “Ebony Macassar” Kotò (Pterygota Macrocarpa) veneer. The surface finish is in brushed and polished polyester lacquer.

The automatic dosing unit incorporates a rotary peristaltic pump activated by an infrared sensor and comes with a built-in anti-drip system. The pump delivers the exact amount of sanitiser required (adjustable from 0.5 ml to 5 ml) in a precise and regular manner.

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