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Buildings’ energy efficiency doesn’t rhyme with “adding insulation layers to masonry” anymore. The consolidated practice of gluing insulation panels onto walls can be a good option for renovations or small façade portions. But for new buildings, there is a way more efficient solution than thermal coating.

The GASBETON construction system is based on single-material masonry blocks, studied to be an all-in-one solution for all the modern requirements of a modern building. Indeed, GASBETON, with a single masonry wall, ensures thermal insulation, fire resistance, breathability, safety, and ease of construction. The secret to all these benefits lies in the material that constitutes blocks: an industrial reproduction of tobermorite; a calcium silicate hydrate mineral. In fact, GASBETON is manufactured by speeding up the natural process that leads to the formation of a lightweight and resistant rock by cooking a simple blend of ingredients in a steam oven. The process can be modulated to create blocks with different densities, and therefore with different characteristics of resistance and insulation. This means that the same process is used to produce blocks for high-resistance bear loading walls, and high-insulation non-bear loading structures.

When it comes to thermal insulation performance, GASBETON Active is the masterpiece of wall blocks. With its very low thermal conductivity (𝜆10,dry=0,070 W/mK) it brings to new buildings the performance of insulation materials, eliminating the need for extra insulation to be added to walls. In addition, as opposed to traditional insulation materials, thanks to high values of thermal inertia, it is a great insulator also during the hot season. So, GASBETON Active single-layer walls don’t only enable savings on the job site, such as materials and time, but it also enables a higher level of indoor comfort all year round.

Other important characteristics of GASBETON are its breathability which together with insulation collaborates to the high level of indoor comfort, and fire resistance, which leads to increased safety for buildings and people. This last feature strongly differentiates the wall+insulation approach from the GASBETON wall design, as commonly used insulation materials don’t have a good relationship with fire.

With so many benefits, the GASBETON construction system makes life easier for designers, builders, and house owners.

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