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Gallery Five Brings Iconic Millennium Modern Furniture Collection to Qatar

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Gallery Five Company is one of the world’s largest privately-owned manufacturers of high-end residential, office, and commercial furniture. The Gallery Five Furniture remains committed to their founder’s ideal, to create furniture of such impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it but also to the craftspeople who build it.

Our Interior design philosophy relies on a leading sustainability-principled and versatile design based in Doha with talented top Interior Designers and Engineers. Gallery Five Furniture is also a leading contracting and interior design firm in Qatar. The company’s status has significantly increased in recent years as the number and scope of projects has grown. Gallery Five Group demonstrates its ability to meet the needs of its customers as well as the VIPs needs through its dedication, professionalism, knowledge, skilled manpower, and stable resource.

We now provide a wide range of services such as design, architecture, interior design, contracting, and much more. Our planning department sets our goals and milestones with the primary goal of keeping projects on track and within budget and this is a critical success factor for all our projects.

“We realized that Gallery Five Furniture line would begin to truly define our aesthetic and our brand. Our collection for Gallery Five “feels” like us– pieces that are stylish and functional, leaning towards luxury forms, but mixed and finished in a way that is fresh, effortless, interesting, and pretty.” says Mr. Pegasus Wong, the Chairman of Qatar Gallery Five Trading and Contracting Group.

“We are hoping to create long-term value for the various stakeholders in our community as we construct a better way of living that is refined and sophisticated. We are not only building projects; we build lifestyle and dreams.” Mr. Pegasus added. “We want to create pieces with history, pieces that leave a legacy and that can offer a unique identity to any environment”. “Gallery Five Furniture aims to create new consumer experiences, and anyone who has an initial impact with any of our pieces creates that stimulus. All the pieces can be applied in any environment, and be the highlight, they have that weight and personality. Above all, Gallery Five Furniture has its personality,” concluded Mr. Pegasus.

Gallery Five Furniture has introduced its unique brand to Qatar’s local and GCC wider market with an unusual collection, without limits and filled with history, with a fresh, appealing, artistic, and unique aesthetic. Our entire brand is unusual and enters the market with a product that makes a difference in a space. What distinguishes us from all the others is its stamp, the sculptural part. All the pieces are luxury with extensive techniques, able to transform and have their own identity, and that’s what Gallery Five Furniture want as a brand.

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