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FUM ACADEMY: the Opportunity to Grow Together

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Why would a leading company in its sector decide to devote a part of its resources and a portion of its time to create a company “academy”? We could answer by saying that it does so to nurture talents in its own “home”… But it would be an understatement.

Franchi Umberto Marmi is a company that has always been prone to transmit and share its knowledge and passion for marble over fifty years. Thanks to the Academy, it is possible today to institutionalize a process that has already been in progress for a very long time, which arises from a simple awareness: opening the doors of its own headquarters is like revealing a treasure made of skills and tradition, innovation and vision, making it available. This project, coming from intuition, put people at the centre, both young who learn with passion and professionals who still want to know and grow.

The value of the FUM Academy is represented by the strong connection with reality and by the corporate strategy offered to those who join it through the various initiatives and on the basis of the topics covered, ranging from marble and its use in architecture and interior design, to sustainability and the innovation of the industry 4.0. A real hub where it is possible to train but also experience the culture of marble reinterpreted in an ever timely way thanks to technology and innovation that characterize Franchi Umberto Marmi’s growth path.

The meeting with the Franchi Umberto Marmi Academy, both physical and virtual, promotes relational growth and interaction with the academic and professional world and creates an absolutely intangible but essential asset to business life: culture.



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