From exquisite marble to technical ceramics: FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti reinterprets Calacatta Oro

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

FMG offers the unmistakable graduated shading and veining of Calacatta Oro marble on large format technical ceramic tiles, perfect for walls, floors and made to order furnishings.

Naturally occurring materials are an ongoing source of inspiration for FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, one of Holding Iris Ceramica Group brands, which has reproduced marble, granite, travertine and natural stone in technical ceramics since 1998.


Iconic, timeless Calacatta Oro marble is now replicated on FMG’s MaxFine large format tiles which combine the high tech performance of porcelain tiles with the brand’s extraordinary ability to faithfully reproduce these naturally inspired materials.


MaxFine Calacatta Oro features an ivory background criss-crossed by sinuous yellow-gold veining graduating to gray-green, with the denser intricate veining alternating with white areas.


MaxFine Calacatta Oro ultra-large tiles, with formats ranging from 300 x 150cm to 75 x 37.5cm, offer a new perception of space due to the visual continuity offered by the vast surface and minimal joints between individual modules. Ideal for floors and walls, both indoors and outside, the thickness of just 6mm makes them suitable for creating an almost endless range of made to order furnishings, including tables, partitions, flush doors, furniture, closets and kitchen counters, in residential, commercial and contract projects.


Alongside the designs’ versatility, the MaxFine range provides all the technical advantages of porcelain tiles: scratch, abrasion, fungus, mold, stain, chemical, and UV ray resistance, in addition to being anti-slip, low maintenance and easy to clean. With Active Surfaces treatment, Iris Ceramica Group patented technology, the tiles can also be “activated” to make them antibacterial, anti-pollution, anti-odor and self-cleaning. By leveraging the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide modified with silver, photocatalytic properties are maintained even in low light and at night-time. ACTIVE ceramics feature these latest properties, essential for people’s safety and well-being.



FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™




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