Franchi Umberto Marmi will be Partner with YACademy in the Post Graduate Advanced Training Course Dedicated to Landscape Architecture

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In September, the project workshop regarding the regeneration of a disused quarry will take place aiming at young people who want to become the great architects of the future. Exceptional tutor will be Patrick Lüth from Snøhetta.

For 2023, Franchi Umberto Marmi has defined a full calendar of events, thus enriching its Company Academy, the project dedicated to the training and the transmission of its knowledge and its passion for marble for more than fifty years.
Institutionalised at the end of 2022, during 2023 FUM Academy has already physically welcomed many students and designers, creating a strong connection with the territory and with some high school institutes of the area and starting a fruitful dialogue with both young people, who learn with passion, and professional designers, who want to grow and learn more on marble that is a topic rich in content.
So here are the big news: in autumn Franchi Umberto Marmi will offer the landscape architecture course by YACademy, an Institute of Higher Education in Bologna, that addresses to young architecture graduates who want to acquire and enrich their skills and enter the international context with the right knowledge and experiences.

This course will take place between September and November 2023 and will develop a very current and engaging concept involving the natural environment considered as the heart of design. internationally famous architects from renowned studios such as Snøhetta, SANAA, HHF Architects, Eduardo Souto De Moura Arquitectos, David Chipperfield Architects will be lecturers of this course. The main training purpose of the “Landscape architecture” course is to train designers capable of working in wonderful and unique natural settings. All of the lab activities of this course aim at transmitting and practicing the most suited skills with the purpose of interpreting the characteristics of the natural environment.

The heart of the course will be the creation of architecturally sustainable and refined projects perfectly integrated in the context, that will be carried out paying particular attention to every aspect of the design development, from the choice of materials to the applied technologies in order to achieve the sustainability goal and the respect of the uniqueness of places. This is a path led by the experience and collaboration with international fame professional studios and directly linked to the employment world.

Isn’t this the best opportunity for a collaboration between Franchi Umberto Marmi and YAcademy? Both are excellent entities that focus on sustainability and sustainable architecture. The great harmony between Franchi Umberto Marmi and YACademy comes from a common vision: the landscape is precious and architecture has the duty to preserve it and enhance it for future generations.
The architect is the professional figure in charge of redesigning the natural landscape, enhancing its specificity, and generating unique spaces. Starting from the natural scenery, from its geomorphological and botanical characteristics, architects work on projects for the regeneration of places that skilfully integrate man and nature and that draw strength and reason why from the landscape for unique, high-impact and sustainable architectural structures.
Franchi Umberto Marmi will work alongside YACademy in the development of the designing lab “Carrara Community Quarry” coordinated by the architect Patrick Lüth from Snøhetta, which involves a disused Carrara marble quarry.

Functional to the topics covered during the lab, YACademy students will have the opportunity to visit Carrara marble quarries and to know the area so that they can internalise these places and gather the necessary input for the next stages of design.

Carrara and its quarries: a landscape suspended between nature and history. The designing lab, partnered by FUM, starts from an analysis of this landscape unique in the world and rich in a history as ancient as illustrious: a landscape that today also requires careful and deep considerations related to sustainability and ecological awareness.

In the places where Michelangelo and Canova went to personally choose blocks to create their eternal wonderful works, today we find places to which we need to give a new meaning and new life thanks to new interaction forms between mankind and nature.

We are talking about a disused quarry at the feet of Ponti di Vara, which will be studied by the students of the course under the tutoring of Patrick Lüth, Partner and Managing Director of Snøhetta, a name of excellence in the contemporary architecture panorama also in reference to the relationship between man and nature (think of the “Reindeer Pavilion” in Hjerkinn, or “Under”, the first underwater restaurant in Europe).

The meeting among Franchi Umberto Marmi, YACademy and Snøhetta, each leader in its own sector, resulted in the idea of working on the regeneration of places and on the commitment that contemporary architecture can fulfil in giving them back to the community.
Snøhetta, which knows Carrara marble very well, having used it in the majestic project of the Oslo Opera House, boasts prestigious projects in its career, such as the Swarowski Crystal Worlds in Wattens and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at Ground Zero – New York. The studio has chosen to place social sustainability and the value of human action at the centre of its work when they aim to create the well-being that architecture together with the scenic beauty can give us.
Therefore, Snøhetta team is really involved in the realization of this designing lab involving Carrara quarries, that appears to be a site-specific project. For students, it will be not only a highly creative and personal growth path but also a professional one, that will allow them to use their knowledge gained in the training modules.

For Franchi Umberto Marmi, this is another confirmation of its commitment to the local area and the community: as we can guess from the words of Bernarda Franchi, Vice-President and CEO of FUM, who said: “Franchi Umberto Marmi strongly believes in this project through which the study on the regeneration of the disused quarry at the feet of Ponti di Vara will be assigned to young people. Thanks to this work, we want to project the image of our territory into the future.”
The success of this collaboration is confirmed by Alessandro Cecchini, president of YAC and director of YACademy who stated: “Franchi Umberto Marmi has given us the opportunity to fulfil a dream that YACademy has had for a long time. Carrara quarries represent one of the natural/human scenarios among the most significant in the world. Working in such a context will be not only an extraordinary opportunity of growth for young people from all over the world, but also a concrete opportunity for research and thought to improve a culture of integration between artificial and natural landscapes, allowing the brightest minds from all over the world to interact with industrial and scenic heritage of immense value.”

For further information:

Franchi Umberto Marmi spa
Via Del Bravo 14/16, Carrara (MS) – Italy




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