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The story of New Playone 90 starts with a pencil, a sheet of paper and a straight line

The genesis of the collection by Fir Italia, the heritage brand specialised in designer taps and mixers, is rooted in the initial sketches of Francesco Lucchese, designer and company’s Art Director which only featured simple, criss-crossing straight lines. That original sketch was to give rise to the essential and refined shapes of Playone 85, of which New Playone 90 is the natural evolution.

The new collection is the perfect synthesis of the values shared by Fir Italia and Francesco Lucchese, such as the drive for innovation and the search for perfection. In moving from one collection to the next, the Art Director has opted for steadfast understatement, and reduced the thickness of the spout to make it even thinner, thus creating an ever more modern and minimalist design. The evolution of the new line did not only involve the shape and position of the elongated lever, but also the angles, which are even sharper than before.

The design of a restated shape for the Playone collection stems from the need to bring its lines up-to-date with the current context and make the collection even more appealing. The rebalanced volumes and tauter lines result in an elegantly designed and refined product. An essential and rational design that impresses its timeless mark in your mind. The minimalism of Playone was – and still is in this new take – one of its kind in contemporary taps and mixers,” says Francesco Lucchese.

The taps and mixers of the New Playone 90 line are also available in the new families of finishings of The Outfit programme, stemming from intensive research and development to assure the utmost reliability and extremely high quality of the materials.

Fir Italia has always focused on environmental sustainability and all its taps and mixers are fitted as standard with green aerators, which assure significant reductions in water consumption of 50%. The environmental focus is also reflected by the choice to offer taps and mixers made with zero-lead brass.

The original design of Francesco Lucchese has therefore been embodied in consistent, essential shapes, giving rise to a highly innovative collection of taps and mixers where the purity of the design combines seamlessly with the functionality of the end result.

Fir Italia S.p.A.

Via Borgomanero, 6

28010 Vaprio D’Agogna (NO), Italy

Ph. (+39) 0321 99.64.23


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