D-Wave: New Frontier in Linear Outdoor Signage – Linea Light Group present the first flexible two-axis lighting system

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

As a pioneer in LED lighting thanks to a long path of innovation and passion, Linea Light Group expands its I-LèD Professional collection with D-Wave, the first flexible two-axis lighting system, new frontier in linear outdoor signage.

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the fully-recyclable composite material, it can be adapted to any perimeter, even the most complex and sinuous. For this reason, it is the system with the greatest flexibility and adaptability available on the market!

Its section allows for both zenith and lateral curvature, thus enabling it to overcome any obstacle or hug any pathway. The right solution for illuminating contemporary architecture – even the most articulated – can always be found with D-Wave. Thanks to its length (2 metres), D-Wave illuminates extensive pathways, driveways or walkways, adapting to the form of any context.

With D-Wave, it is possible to resolve installation and aesthetic issues since, in addition to the optics, it houses the internal cabling and thus does not require external cable ducts to contain them, resulting in an extremely functional and aesthetically clean solution.

Installation is very simple. Thanks to its extreme ductility, the extruded product has been studied down to the last detail and lends itself to an infinite range of customisations, even on-site. In fact, with D-Wave, it is possible to bypass ‘custom’ production and adapt the product during the construction phase, for example by cutting to size or painting directly on-site with special paints, thus concealing the solution within the environment.

Every detail of the D-Wave profile has been designed to meet all the needs of the designer. The base is able to accommodate the planned bracket- and stake-fastening systems. Two anchoring modes facilitate installation by adapting to the perimeter to be followed. D-WAVE can even be secured to any paving, thanks to the quick-release steel bracket for firm and continuous anchoring along the entire length of the luminaire. Alternatively, it can be fastened to the ground by means of a steel stake, which can also be positioned at variable pitch, ensuring a continuous and secure anchorage around the entire perimeter.

Moreover, D-Wave is an environmentally-friendly solution, made from a recycled compound of waste materials. When the product is at the end of its life, it can even be properly and completely recycled.

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