CUBIC and SPHERIC: Franchi Umberto Marmi presents the new interior design collections

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Specifically for the Salone del Mobile 2022 edition, Franchi Umberto Marmi will present two new furniture collections dedicated to luxury and material design

Specifically for the Salone del Mobile 2022 edition, Franchi Umberto Marmi will present two new furniture collections dedicated to luxury and material design, characterised by two shapes, the rounded and the square, and by the development of new products designed to use the marble not only indoor and outdoor but also in the boating world.
These collections are the result of the creativity and the experience in the field of the LUCA DINI Design & Architecture Studio.

The meeting of Franchi Umberto Marmi with Luca Dini emerged almost as a challenge: the precise request of the Company was to create a new marble furniture line, called HOMEDESIGN, that could widen the product division already dedicated to the interior design and launched during the 2019 Salone del Mobile. In addition to the initial challenge, however, another opportunity pursued by the Company and offered by this partnership arose: making marble, a material usually perceived as statuesque and majestic, light and precious in its refinement.

Luca Dini has been working in the design and planning of custom superyacht for over thirty years: he has always been attracted by the force of the sea and by the magnificence of the Apuan Alps and he grew up surrounded by the Tuscan landscape which inspires beauty everywhere. For this reason, he specialised in exterior and interior design of luxury yachts and their refitting. He received numerous awards and during the years he made the most demanding customers’ wishes come true with its projects, becoming a real point of reference in the field, internationally.

Therefore, Cubic and Spheric represent the meeting between the Company and the Designer and the combination of natural elements with the design of a material full of history and art but that can also be extremely contemporary and modern.

This is the understanding upon which the two new furniture lines develop, in which shapes, proportions and materials are enhanced by a high-technological manufacturing and an exclusive finishing. Marble is the true protagonist and is used in an original and innovative way, combined each time with precious essence or in original chromatic mixture. The main focus is always on lightness, obtained using aluminium or honeycomb structures that lighten the marble thickness and make it usable on boats, where lightness is essential both in the designing and in the creativity process.
In the Spheric and Cubic collection a warm marble by Franchi Umberto Marmi is used, which is perfect both in high-level residential context for everyday use and on exclusive yachts, thanks to its customisation and dynamism. We are a long way from the image of marble as a sculptural and static material.

Franchi Umberto Marmi s.p.a.

Via Del Bravo 14 – 16 54033 Carrara (MS) – Italia
+39 0585 70057



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