CALACATTA FRANCHI family is growing: welcome Calacatta Crestola

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

The extraordinary richness of the Apuan Alps marble basin never stop surprising us and giving us beautiful news.
As the one relating to a new material that rightfully enters the family of the precious and already highly sought-after CALACATTA of FUM: it is Calacatta Crestola marble, extracted precisely from the Crestola quarry located in the basin of the Apuan Alps.

Crestola is a natural stone with a dense texture and intense colours: a new discovery in the mountains that shows up all its expressive power and that will certainly be highly appreciated by an increasingly attentive and very selective international market.
Its nuances, ranging from beige to brown with beautiful warm rust-colored tones, are mixed in longitudinal streaks that run along the slab; wide grey background provides the backdrop for this surprising game of earthy shades.

Besides the beauty and charm of this new material, its extraction technique is particularly interesting. Blocks are extracted in the tunnel following an innovative method that allows to minimise waste and subsequently “vacuum” it through the use of forefront technologies. These procedures prefer quality over quantity making Crestola a material that is absolutely respectful of nature.

A marble from the CALACATTA FUM family that expresses the aesthetic, symbolic and historical values of a material that has represented beauty and creativity in the world and in cultures for millennia, but at the same time also proves FUM’s commitment to sustainability and its intention to promotes the territory and its tradition through virtuous actions.

Franchi Umberto Marmi s.p.a.
Via Del Bravo 14 – 16
54033 Carrara (MS) – Italia

Art Direction Danae Project
Photo Lorenzo Borgianni
T. +39 0585 70057





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