Bencore Living, the new concept for interior design by Bencore

by Editorial Staff

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Innovation, quality, Made in Italy, sustainability and solutions

Innovation, quality, Made in Italy, sustainability and solutions: these are the keywords of Bencore’s vision, key players in the industry of composite panels thanks to its constant commitment to R&D activities to provide new proposals to the world of architecture and design.

Bencore Living is the new concept that transposes the vision of the brand itself in the world of interior design in order to adapt to any type of space both in the domestic and business spheres. In this way, the families of the unmistakable honeycombs of the brand take new life in the form of walls, doors, tables, shelving and modular bookcases to give uniqueness and personality to any type of environment.

The aim of Bencore Living is to fulfill three main executive functions:

  1. Create discretion: Bencore looks at the way of life as a living space, dynamic, ready to generate relationships but also to give the right privacy.
  2. Offer support: The particular textures of Bencore composite panels transform a simple planar surface into interesting three-dimensional views giving it an attractive, dynamic yet extremely functional tone.
  3. Ensure flexibility: modularity is the basis of all Bencore products, such as in the modular bookcases characterized by interlocking geometries, exponentially guaranteeing infinite combinations and configurations.

Today Bencore carries on a concept of Total Living to meet any project and style related needs and the growing demand for eclectic yet refined furnishings characterized by a premium design with clean lines and sober elegance, innovative finishings and materials and technical details of the highest quality.

Bencore Srl Via Provinciale Nazzano, 20 – 54033 Carrara (MS) Italy

Tel: +39 0585 830129
Instagram: @bencore_srl |
Facebook: Bencore S.r.l |
Linkedin: Bencore Srl |


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