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Bencore at Salone del Mobile 2023: New Interior Solutions and Focus on Sustainability and Circular Economy

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As usual the focus of the brand is on the dialogue with architects and designers with the aim to provide them product novelties and innovative ideas for applications that are qualitatively evolved and aligned with the current dictates of sustainability.

Bencore was born in the name of innovation, technology and sustainability. Over the years the Company has worked with great commitment to the definition of a series of products, the renowned honeycombs, which today make up the extensive catalog of Bencore Materials. To this, the new Bencore Living catalog was added which includes products such as doors and walls, tables and other interior furnishings: elements that, starting from the materials of the different Bencore families, develop an interior idea that combines the unique design of the honeycombs with a functional and original furnishing vision for the world of retail, contract, business and residential spaces.

Thanks to the widespread penetration that Bencore has obtained on the international and Italian market over the years, they also became exclusive European distributor for 3Form, Kaynemaile, Alusion by Cymat technologies and Smile Plastics.


LOOP, DOOR/WALL SYSTEM: it is a wall/door system useful for the realization of multifunctional spaces in the furnishing of business and domestic spaces. The strength of LOOP is its immediacy and simplicity: made in Bencore materials (Lightben Mini and Hexaben Small – also in the Mirror Version), you can divide each space and obtain complete and functional environments for every need, be it separating the kitchen from the living room or creating a walk-in closet, a laundry or a studio equipped with everything you need to work in comfort. Bencore has developed this new furnishing solution thanks to the collaboration with Terno Scorrevoli, an Italian brand specialized in redefining spaces thanks to profiles for sliding systems applicable to furniture, doors and glass.

LOOP was born as a real ‘organizer’ of environments: thanks to its rack system and basic modules developed according to the most common needs, it offers the opportunity to fully customize every wall. Nothing could be easier than redesigning spaces in the name of functionality and versatility, without neglecting the order and sustainability criteria of private and workspace solutions.

CRYSTAL, DOOR/WALL SYSTEM IN DOUBLE GLAZING: it’s a new vision of living for all types of spaces in the name of performances and comfort. Made in doble-glazing, Crystal is perfect for creating partition elements for the design of residential, contract and business spaces. This double-glazing solution developed by Bencore comes from the combination of the honeycomb core of Lightben CC (available in all its color variants) with glass skins to give life to a totally new, innovative and hyper-performing product. With its concept it also has a remarkable impact on the spaces in which it is installed in terms of security, brightness and privacy.

The iconic honeycomb structure of the core of Lightben CC allows the passage of light from one side to the other and then in the environments, modulating it also in terms of intensity and color. The double-glazing system also improves the heat and acoustic insulation performances of those environments where it is installed. Thus conceived, the door/wall system Crystal is equipped with European fire certification Bs1 d0, resulting in a product fully suitable to stem and prevent the spread of possible fires for the total safety of each space.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: a fundamental aspect that Bencore (thanks to its produced and distributed materials) has on the world of low-impact design thanks to a conscious approach to materials.

Sustainable materials produced by Bencore:

WASBOTTLE: this project is born in partnership with Autogrill, the first operator in the world in catering services for travelers, and it represents an absolute protagonist of the current idea of circular economy: Wasbottle in fact is obtained from recycled and recyclable plastic flakes. Wasbottle is a material with a high index of compactness and workability, with a low coefficient of friction. It is non-hygroscopic, chemical and shock resistant. For these peculiarities it is widely used in the creation of interior furnishings such as tables, shelves, tops, partition elements and opaque coatings.

LIGHTBEN: this product family consists of 8 variants which have all recently obtained the LCA and EPD declarations. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies the potential environmental impacts throughout the life of the product and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) legitimizes in a complete, verifiable and indisputable way its degree of sustainability.

Lightben is an ultralight composite material produced by coupling a core consisting of transparent polycarbonate cylinders to external skins in Polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic in various finishes and multiple colors. Thanks to the EPD studies carried out on Lightben, its environmental performance has been described in a transparent way by implementing a complete assessment of its life cycle (LCA) that allowed to categorize it in an indicative range between “good” and “very good” (in which “very good” means the maximum capacity of the company to minimize the environmental impact of the material over the entire life cycle of the product, from production to the final customer).

ECOBEN WAVE GREEN CAST: this material consists of a core in recycled cardboard and 100% recycled and recyclable skins in acrylic green cast. Ecoben is suitable to be worked in different ways including inclined cuts for the realization of joints between the panels or other specific requests. It can be used for walls, doors, tables, shelves and many other applications in interior architecture with high design content and a focus on the recycled origin of materials.

Sustainable materials distributed by Bencore:

FLEK PURE of the American brand 3Form, a 100% sustainable material made from the recycling of edgings, returned material samples and other recovered materials and leftovers.

At Salone del Mobile, Bencore also shows 3Form Vertu, a formable resin which belongs to the 3Form Varia family, equipped with LCA and EPD certifications. It is characterized by a vertically ‘serrated’ surface that allows you to play with infinite combinations of color, texture and light. It is a material with a very strong visual impact that creates a well-defined and widely recognizable leitmotiv in any type of application and design.

ALUSION is a stabilized aluminum foam obtained by injecting air into aluminum when it is melted. Produced in continuous sheets or even in special formats, it is 100% recycled and recyclable. It is perfect for interior and exterior applications and it is equipped with Class A1 in terms of fire certification.

KAYNEMAILE’s architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation made from single chain polymers that can be 100% recycled and reused. Kaynemaile’s inception was on the film set of The Lord of The Rings trilogy where Kayne Horsham, founder of the brand, worked as an artistic director for the ‘Creatures, Armour and Weapons’ department. It is perfect for interior and exterior applications and it is equipped with European fire certification Bs1 d0.

SMILE PLASTICS is a material design and manufacturing brand which creates and handcrafts decorative panels from general wastes and leftovers. Their mission is to create the most beautiful circular plastics in the world – 100% recycled and recyclable.


Bencore attended at Fuorisalone 2023 with two important sponsorships:

INTERNI – DESIGN RE-VOLUTION: as usual, the international magazine Interni has created an installation at the University of Milan together with a parterre of internationally renowned architects and designers in collaboration with the most innovative companies with a straight focus on sustainability. This year’s theme was that of Design Re-volution and it wants to be a choral and multi-disciplinary reflection on the role of Evolutionary Thought as a tool to design known and unknown, physical and digital, contemporary and futuristic territories. The theme has been interpreted by internationally renowned architects through a series of installations created in partnership with leading companies in their sector. Bencore participates by providing the material for the installation curated by the Franco-Lebanese Architect Annabel Karim Kassar. The architect’s choice for his installation, exhibited in the Courtyard of Honour of the University of Milan, went on two of Bencore’s most iconic materials: Starlight and Hexaben.

CASAPITTI + ALESSANDRO BINI ‘TESSUTI D’ITALIA’ – MADE TO LAST: a technical sponsorship for the event that taked place in Via Solferino 37, in the heart of Brera, on the occasion of which the new products born from the collaboration of Casapitti (Florentine brand specialized in the craft production of furniture) and the designer Luigi Trenti will be presented.

The concept was developed with the participation of Alessandro Bini ‘Tessuti d’Italia’, Laminam which supplied its porcelain stoneware and Bencore which provided its Wasbottle. The aim of the event is to promote Italian design and creativity through the enhancement of local workers and the development of high quality and durable products.



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