Beautiful atmosphere for the Sharjah Mosque thanks to Linea Light Group lights

by Editorial Staff

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Sharjah is a tourist destination ripe for exploration, not only for its unblemished landscapes, but also for its extraordinary culture with more than 20 museums and more than 620 places of worship between churches and mosques. Of these, the Sharjah Mosque stands out, illuminated thanks to a painstaking technical lighting project by the Light Concept Firm which used Linea Light Group solutions.

The goal of the project, which involved the entire architectural complex, both indoor and outdoor, was to give the place a specific identity through lighting which played an essential role.

Every detail was duly emphasised to create the right atmosphere throughout the day, both for prayer time and for tours.

Various Linea Light Group products were used, both in standard and custom version, depending on the specific technical lighting needs.

In the landscape surrounding the mosque, Bond_Pro posts in custom version or Shaker, the outdoor projector that provides light effects capable of enhancing the green areas around the building. Also outside, to light the walls, the façades and the minaret towers, the linear Xenia and Archiline products outline the unique details of the mosque’s Arab architecture.

Close to the building, Fasim J is the adjustable uplight for outdoor use that illuminates the columns located at the main entrance. Its particular optics provide a scenic and uniform distribution of the light upward.

For the columns at the rear of the mosque, on the other hand, the Vedette wall mounted light fixture was selected. Last, but not least, outdoor uplights Zalex and Suelo are the wayfinding technical lighting solution to welcome worshippers at the mosque entrances.

Inside: Loro, recess-installed, lends itself particularly well to false ceilings with limited manoeuvring space; LV54, the high performance recessed installation casing, with round shape and plenty of standard depth; Quantum, the flush-mounted spotlight with an organic shape, a deep optics compartment and soft lines which allow for perfect architectural integration. The set-back light source and the optics assembly equipped with F.O.L.™ filters system guarantee high cleanliness of the light beam and visual comfort.

Lastly, to light the terraces, the choice fell to Paseo, the flush-mounted linear profile with asymmetrical optics, used in a custom version.

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