Bacchi | Internal Insulation, Humidity is not always a Danger

by Editorial Staff

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Unlike insulating solutions that require a vapor barrier, B/ISOLA allows buildings to be thermally insulated from the inside while maintaining the breathability of the walls and acting as a regulator of internal humidity, with significant benefits on internal health and on the duration of insulating performance.

There are situations in which the thermal insulation layer of buildings must be placed indoor since it is not possible or convenient to create the classic external “coat”. In these cases, the only possible solution is to create an internal thermally insulating layer.
Most of these so-called “internal coats” are composed of a layer of insulating material placed between the existing walls and a new dry-wall. In this type of intervention, the insulation is usually protected from moisture by a plastic vapor-barrier that tries to avoid the migration of moisture behind the wall.
This setup, however, can create unwanted surprises. In fact, the humidity that is no longer able to migrate through the wall can create unpleasant indoor environments. In worse cases, this excess of humidity can create condensation and mold. Furthermore, the vapor barrier always has small points of discontinuity that can allow moisture to pass to the insulators behind it. In this case, mold forms behind the dry-wall, giving rise to unhealthy environments without being spotted by those who live in the building.

Luckily, there is an alternative that makes it possible to create an internal insulating layer that is, not only free of vapor barriers, but also capable of regulating the level of humidity present in the air inside the rooms.
The insulating panels B/ISOLA are made of natural materials and have the unique ability to absorb excess of humidity from the rooms, making it migrate outside or releasing it when the indoor air dries up.
These special panels are glued to the existing wall with a special natural lime-based mortar and then plastered like normal masonry. This makes it easy to create the internal coat and keeps the walls breathable.
Furthermore, being totally incombustible and certified for their healthiness, the B/ISOLA panels guarantee an absolutely superior level of internal safety.


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